Lazy Dragon Bracket Clock

Lazy Dragon Bracket Clock
Width: 9" Height: 11"

*For more information about a Custom Clock or to get quotes on a design of your own, contact Butch Honeck at (517) 536-4800 or email us at butch@honecksculptures.com* This clock requires extra charges for shipping and insurance. We will contact you with the actual shipping cost when we receive your order.
5 x Business Card Dragon (Large)
4 x Fat Cat (Reading)
4 x Ferret Door Bell
3 x Cat Door Bell
2 x Radioactive Black
2 x Solar Ray
2 x Egyptian Cat
5 x Cat Door Bell (Bird Wings)
5 x Frog Door Bell
3 x Cat Door Knocker
6 x Cat Door Bell (Bat Wings)
2 x Siege Turtle Catapult
2 x Dragon Hatchery #2 Clock
2 x Fox Bros. Desk Lamp Clock
2 x Bronze Dragon Wall Clock
4 x Lizard Door Bell
2 x Fairy Door Bell
4 x Attitude Dragon
2 x Winged Gold
3 x Business Card Cat
3 x Gargoyle Door Knocker
2 x Moose Skeleton Wall Clock
2 x Aviator Crome Goggles
1 x Lazy Dragon Bracket Clock
6 x Crawling Dragon
6 x Horse Door Bell
6 x Dragon & Fairy
4 x Crystal Ball Dragon
2 x Griffen Door Knocker
2 x Dragon Door Knocker (Large)
7 x Mating Dragons
2 x Murphy Dragon
3 x Winged Silver
4 x Cat & Dragon (Large)
5 x Bracelet Dragon
3 x Wolf Door Knocker
3 x Gargoyle Face Door Bell (w/ Horns)
2 x Owl Door Knocker
1 x Octopus Door Knocker
3 x Celtic Interlace Door Bell
2 x Unicorn Door Knocker
2 x Cat Wizard
3 x Towel Holder Dragon
5 x Dragon Door Bell
2 x Wrist Sundial
5 x Dragon Egg
5 x Jr. Dragon
3 x Bear Door Bell
2 x Aviator Gold Goggles
4 x Cat & Dragon (Large)
3 x Business Card Dragon (Small)
2 x Cat Door Knocker (Bird Wings)
2 x Dragon Door Knocker (Medium)
3 x Leaping Dragon Lamp
2 x Pheonix Door Bell
3 x Otter Door Bell
4 x Siege Turtle Gatling Gun
1 x Pheonix Door Knocker
3 x Cat Door Knocker (Bat Wings)
3 x Fairy Door Knocker
2 x Wrist Gatling Gun
2 x Earth Dragon
1 x Dog (German Shepard)
1 x Chimp
1 x Keeper Dragon
1 x Otter Door Knocker
1 x Dragon Door Knocker (Small)
2 x Standing Cat (Bird Wings)
1 x Alligator
2 x Sitting Dragon
1 x Dragon Oil Lamp
1 x Standing Cat (Hair)
2 x Playing Cat
1 x Standing Cat (No Hair)
1 x Catfish
1 x Gargoyle Face Door Bell (w/o Horns)
3 x Lion Door Bell
2 x Gargoyle Door Bell
1 x Bat Door Bell (Small)
2 x Fox Door Bell
1 x Bat Door Bell (Large)
1 x Griffen Door Bell
1 x Octopus Door Bell
1 x Book Dragon
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