Butch Honeck was born November 5, 1940 in Ann Arbor, Michigan and now has his home and studio in Napoleon, Michigan. Sculpture has been his sole career for the past thirty years. He learned mechanics, welding, machining, and metal finishing as a teenager. His first sculptures in 1974 were welded steel with an industrial theme. In the early 1980's he built a foundry and taught himself to cast bronze so he could create shapes that were too complex for welding. The pieces use the lostwax method with ceramic shell molds. His current style is bronze fantasy sculpture. They use highly detailed mechanical structures, dragons, mythical creatures, wizards, and other fantasy-oriented themes. His work is distinctly characterized by intricate details, mechanical components, humor, and surprise.


The designing for Honeck Sculpture is a family effort. Butch, his wife Susan, and his son Conan, all design for the business. His all-around helper John Walker has worked with Butch for fifteen years. Butch is an award winning artist who continues to challenge himself with new ideas.


Honeck Sculptures are sold in the United States, Canada, Europe, and are now available worldwide in our online store.